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“Celebrating the best production music libraries, and most talented composers in the industry”


We’re back for 2015 and we’ve got an even bigger and better Library Music Awards for you!

We’re here to champion the best and brightest in our industry, and to spread the word to the wider sync & media industries. We mean business. We’re all about talent, so libraries, show us what you’re made of.

In 2015 there is an improved category system, recognising both sync and composition. We  have a stellar line up of judges from all areas of the industry to make sure the best rise to the top. Scroll down to see who we have on board, or click the Judges tab.

We’re not open for entries just yet. Keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter pages for more info on when to enter.

The Library Music Awards is now closed for entries for 2015.


// TUNE UP //

At the Library Music Awards we firmly believe that some of the best composing and songwriting talent in the world are working in our industry. Thats why Tune Up has always been a fundamental part of the awards.

For the composers, producers, musicians and anyone else, Tune Up is a day of demos and workshops tailored for you. This means industry professionals and top music brands coming together to show you how to get the most out of your music.



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2015 Winners

Library Music Awards 2015 winners!

Well done to all the winners and nominees for the 2015 Library Music Awards. Here they all are!


Ambient / Minimalist

Winner – Emptiness In My Heart // Altitude Music // Damny

40 Winks // 9 Lives Music // Richard Dutnall

Beginning to Dream // Imagem Production Music // Lorenzo Piggici

Empty Streets // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Jim Jammy, Roger Dodgers

I Can Make You Be Mine // ALIBI Music Library // Jonathan Shulman

Trying To Find You // Felt Music // Jim Perkins



Winner – Crazed // Universal Publishing Production Music // Paul Emmanuel

Brighter // SuperPitch // Marius Lenoir

Clubbing // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Lionel Itchy

Count The Stars // Extreme Music // Lee Richardson, Richard Macklin, Tom Ford, James Cocozza

I Will Be Your Energy // ALIBI Music Library // Jonathan Shulman, Elliot Chapman

Time Out // SuperPitch // Harshman



Winner – Kir Royale // Dynamic Music // Arthur Pochon

Digitalism // EMI Production Music // Aaron Gilbert, David Walters

Down In The Dirt // Epidemic Sound // Niklas Ahlström, Martin Carlberg

Jet Stream // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew Britton, David Goldsmith

Lakae // SuperPitch // Charles Dollé

Porcelain // StereoRoyal // David Luke Schmidt



Winner – The Arch // SuperPitch // Orianne Marsilli, Benoit Guivarch

Another Night // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Emme Packer

First Bloom // Universal Publishing Production Music // Hattie Whitehead

Home // Extreme Music // Andrew Willingale, James McLean

Paper Trails // IndieSonics // Jennifer Dalby, Ewan Wallace, Tim Bidwell

The Day // Cezame Music Agency // Guillaume Cousin


Hip Hop / Rap

Winner – Tom Cruiser // ALIBI Music Library // Paul Ortiz

Deunite // StereoRoyal // David Luke Schmidt

Get It On Like This // Extreme Music // Xzibit, Demerick Ferm, 21

Gremlins // Cezame Music Agency // Chomsk’

Range Rover // Beds & Beats // Marie Cecile Dahlstrom, Sebastian Ovens, Emily Taylor

Ready // Extreme Music // Aaron Levy, Raphael Lake, Dumi Maraire



Winner – Red Hot // Universal Publishing Production Music // Will Grove-White

Hunting Lalo // Bibliotheque // Benedic Lamdin, Riaan Vosloo

It Looks a lot like Christmas to me // Imagem Production Music // Bill Connor, Bob Saker

She’s Magic // Extreme Music // Kenny Werner

Winding Back The Years // Universal Publishing Production Music // Anders Lewen

You’ll Get me for Christmas // Imagem Production Music // Bill Connor, Bob Saker



Winner – Feels Like Magic // Extreme Music // Dan Gautreau, Kelwen Cooke, Spruce Bringstein

Half Alive // Audio Network // Thomas McNeice, Robin Thomson

Just Wait For It // Epidemic Sound // Martin Hall

Medecine // Cezame Music Agency // Patrice Carrie, Jean-Philippe Freu

Our Love Burns // Focus Songs // Michael Boddy & Xander Edwards

Skyward // VideoHelper // William Werwath



Winner – Swing // Audio Network // Samuel Telford, Joshua Telford, Jordan Smith

Fight Night // Aaahhh! It’s The Funky Junkies! // Dean McGinnes, Jason Mallet

Go To Hell Scarlett Woman // Epidemic Sound // Suffer City

Just the Way // Imagem Production Music // Thomas Michael Greenwood, Joe Mesch

Moving This Fast // Standard Music Library // Sam McCarthy, Tristan Ivemy

Sweetheart Flavoured King // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew Britton, Jesse O’Mahoney



Winner – Goodbye Dad // Imagem Production Music // Jacques Mathias Oliveira

An Epic Tale // Audio Network // Jody Jenkins

Gothic Journey // Focus Music // Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins

Spook Capers // Audio Network // James Brett

The American Family // Beds & Beats // Dick Walter

Timeless Beauty // Universal Publishing Production Music // Giovanni Parricelli, John Ashton Thomas



Winner – Jasmine Fragrance // Universal Publishing Production Music // Bahia Waxas, Brice Davoli

Brazil V Cuba // Beds & Beats // Marcelo Andrade, Paul Russell Rumbol

Dhamaka Diwali // Audio Network // Ruhan Kapoor, Sidhant Kapoor

Morning Haze // Standard Music Library // Richard G. Mitchell

Restless Natives // Extreme Music // Clint Bajakian

Romaler Chavaler // Universal Publishing Production Music // Juan Luis Leprevost Artiach, Todor Todorov Syarov




Winner – Luma // IndieSonics // Graham Sowerby, Michael Shirley, Mark Benton, Jamie Thornton, Andrew Aruldoss

Cape Town // Bibliotheque // Joseph Wretham, Ian Scott

Golden Swagger // Universal Publishing Production Music // Dominic Glover, Jay Glover, Gary Crockett

Lost In Translation // VideoHelper // Matt Haick

Midnight Waltz // Sonic Quiver // Rich Mahogany, Peter Weitz

No Turning Back // Must Save Jane // Lee Baker



Best use of Production Music in

Television Advertising

Winner – Lucozade // Buffalo Plane // Imagem Production Music // Zeben Jameson, Finn Vine


Guinness // Dreams Come True // Cezame Music Agency // Baptiste Thiry


Betfair // Golden Swagger // Universal Publishing Production Music // Dominic Glover, Gary Crockett, Jay Glover


KFC // I Want Rock’n’Roll’ // Universal Publishing Production Music // Kidedo, Kim BARDOT, Klooz


The Sun // Requiem for a Supernova // Imagem Production Music // Daniel Graham Popplewell


Betsafe // Ultimate Sacrifice // Extreme Music // Jacob Shea, Bruce Fingers, Billie Ray Fingers


Best use of Production Music in

Television Factual


Winner – Horizon – The Search for Gravitational Waves // Spatial Anomalies // Imagem Production Music // Luc Johansson, Koichi C Sanchez-Imahashi


School Swap: The Class Divide // 1 Less Apprentice // 9 Lives Music // Peter Nickalls


Boy George & Culture Club: Karma to Calamity (BBC) // 40 Winks // 9 Lives Music // Richard Dutnall


Dinamo Zagreb // Road Of Dreams // Universal Publishing Production Music // Michael Sims


Blitz Cities : London // Autumn Nocturne // Universal Publishing Production Music // Theo Golding


Best use of Production Music in

Radio Advertising

Winner – Signal Radio – Churnet Valley Railway 1940s Weekend // Little Brown Jug // Universal Publishing Production Music // Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Magnus Wiklund


4Music – Summer Voting // Lost Paradise // EMI Production Music // Harry Valentine


National Lottery // Piano People // Beds & Beats // Dave Bethell


BB TV – Dax Blessed // The Story Begins // Universal Publishing Production Music // Andrew James Barnabas, Paul Arnold


Best use of Production Music in

Film or Television Trailer

Winner – Comet Trailer // It’s Ok // Audio Network // Tom Rosenthal, Max Brodie


Life Trailer // Fever // Music Hub // Kyle Commands, Keir MacCulloch, Emily Taylor


Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer // Moving Mountains // Extreme Music // Thomas Bergerson, Nick Phoenix


Life Trailer // So Dream On // Music Hub // Anders Kampe, Robert Lundgren, Maja Norming


Foxcatcher Trailer // Time To Climb // Extreme Music // Daniel Knight


The Last Panthers // Vandals // SATV // Daniel Mallender, Daniel Burrows, Tom Hill


Best use of Production Music in

Online or Viral Advertising

Winner – Porsche // Ready to Start // GUM Collections – Cezame Music Agency // Charlie N’Guyen Kim


Star of Bombay – Perfect Serve // Breeze // Universal Publishing Production Music // Adrian Louis Da Silva, Audio Aroma


John Lewis // Comet Boogie // Extreme Music // Danny Farrant, Jack Reynolds, Gez Gerrard


Team Sky – Hell Of A Ride // Dirty Dozen // Focus Music // Louise Dowd, Jeremy Abbott


Dance on TV // Getting the Best Out of You // Cezame Music Agency // Pascal Hautois


Aaron Lieber // Happy Medium // Extreme Music // Stefano Ruggeri, Tony Morley, Rachel Wood



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Tune Up

  Spitfire  wmp  time+space1

09:30 – Trailer Music Workshop with Tom Player

Tom Player has provided music for all manner of trailers, from The Hobbit to Game of Thrones and is gaining a reputation as one of the best trailer composers around. In this session he’s going to share some of his experience and expertise with us, and take us through one of his sessions. Scoring to trailer, or for trailer library has its own unique set of challenges, and this session should help pinpoint some of the techniques useful for writing in this genre.

11:00 – Q&A Session with Library Music Panel

An opportunity to engage directly with the Libraries, and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to! Featuring in this year’s Q&A will be Steph Perrin from Felt Music // Jenny Oakes from JW Media Music // Arun Sethi from Imagem Production Music // Matt Welch from Twisted Jukebox // Sue Hepworth from SATV.

12:30 – MU Presents Session Legends: Paul Clarvis

Paul Clarvis is a Composer and Percussionist who’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and played on scores such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, James Bond and Harry Potter. With the support of the Musician’s Union, Paul’s session will focus on some of the best ways to get the most out of percussion in composition. Epic, Ethnic, large and small, Paul has experience with most styles, and will share his insights in this session.

13:45 – Break

14:30 – Pitch Perfect with Extreme Music

This session offers composers the opportunity to pitch their work directly to Extreme Music, one of the world’s leading music libraries. Extreme have set a brief, and will be present to provide direct feedback on work. If they are really impressed by the track, it may be included on an upcoming Extreme Music release.

If you’d like to pitch your music, please contact (subject: ‘Extreme brief’ & include your ticket reference number) to receive your brief. If you prefer to sit back and watch others squirm, then thats fine too!

16:15 – Pop Production Workshop with Dan Gautreau

Dan Gautreau writes and produces Pop music for artists and sync. Starting his career at Sarm Studios in London, he has a long list of studio credits with artists such as Alicia Keys, Ben Howard, and Paulo Nutini. As a composer his music has been used in a wide range of tv shows & films including Top Gear, Greys Anatomy and The Inbetweeners Movie. Dan divides his time between LA and London and is currently working with X Factor winner Ben Haenow.

During this workshop, Dan will be looking at the song in a library music and television context, exploring topics such as sync-ability and collaborating with musicians as well as practical tips and tricks and breaking down some examples of work he has been involved in.


22nd October 2015 // Frobisher Auditorium 1, The Barbican Centre, London

*Tune up is over for another year! We had a blast – massive thanks to everyone involved. See you next year!*

Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.



At Tune Up we’re proud to have a small group of amazing sponsors, who play a big part in making this event happen.

  Spitfire  wmp  time+space1

Your Tune Up ticket is priced at just £35 this year thanks to the generous support of Extreme Music, Universal Publishing Production Music and EMI Production Music. Plus, buying your ticket now will enter you into a draw to win £349 worth of Toontrack software from Time+Space (ends 20th September)!

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2014 Winners

Head over to our Facebook page to have a look at the photos from last years awards event at 229, Great Portland Street. It was a great night, with lots of worthy winners. Well done to everyone that got nominated, and especially to those who took home some shiny awards! Here are your 2014 winners (click the images to listen to the tracks):


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Judge Spotlight: Connie Farr

Judge Spotlight: Connie Farr

This week we chatted its Connie Farr’s turn in our spotlight! Connie is founder of the music licensing and placement service for Films, Games, TV, Advertisements, Virals and Instore Playlists – ThinkSync Music. Connie gets to work on current projects such as the film adaptation of Martin Amis’ ‘London Fields’ and various other upcoming productions for […]

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Judge Spotlight: Tammy Tinawi

Judge Spotlight: Tammy Tinawi

  Tammy’s musical background began with a love of dance music from the age of 10. Growing up with an older sister who was at the forefront of the 90’s rave scene, she was influenced by original house and techno. It was a natural progression from this house and dance in her teens, through to […]

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Judge Spotlight: Paul Pearson

Judge Spotlight: Paul Pearson

Paul has a passion for music and while he plays bass in a band in his spare time, he integrates music, video and interactive aspects into his daily advertising creations. Nominated as a Face to Watch by Campaign magazine this year, we’ve managed to nab him as one of our judging panel.   In between […]

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